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Does this sound familiar?

You have been married for many years now.

Your wife has been giving you signals to tell you something is wrong and you just can't figure out what she means.

Meanwhile you are busy with your business or professional career to be the selfless provider for your family.

Then, one day, you wake up and out of nowhere you get a slap in the face"

She says something along the lines of:

"I want to separate"
"I need some space to figure things out"
"I think we should divorce"
"I can't do this anymore"
"I cheated on you".
"I love you but not in love with you"

At this point you recognize that your marriage is falling apart and you must do something about it.

So being the "fixer", you start to"

  • do research
  • engage therapists or marriage counsellors
  • read books
  • speak to your pastor and church
  • ask advice from family and friends

...and you just get more confused with the overwhelm of different information.

So then you start taking responsibility by going back to her and suggesting she works on the marriage with you - does not work as planned.

You then beg, you plead, you overcompensate and things get worse.

You then realize, "I have to work on myself". You hit the gym, you lose weight, you take ownership of things in the house, you force yourself to listen" yet still things are getting worse.

Doubt creeps in and you ask yourself - "Do I have what it takes to fix this? I feel so far down the path that it seems irreversible. She is just checked out."

There is something you can do!

The majority of marriages end in divorce. Yours doesn't have to go that way.

Now just imagine going from...

How men rebuilt their marriages

"My marriage has gone up massively over the last 8 weeks"

"My happiness in life and with my marriage has gone up massively over the last 8 weeks. I learned who I was as a man and how to focus on my purpose in life. I wake up every day eager to get going and live my purpose. Instead of reacting to my wife, I create a space for her to be the woman, the wife and the mother that she wants to be. This is paying off in spades. Every new day is better than the last. As a man, watching this unfold in my life is a priceless experience."

Dave D.
Wealth Management Advisor

What doesn't work...

From separation to restored

"It saved mine"

"In this program, you are working on yourself through homework, weekly Q and A sessions, a network of men going through similar, if not the same problems, accountability partners and given accessibility to professional men who have also experienced the same traits, but developed this program to save marriages.
It saved mine and if your 100% committed and following the successes already set into place, then it can save yours too."

Steve H.


The Bulletproof Husband™'s

Become the Husband She'd be Crazy to Leave!

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We help men become a Bulletproof Husband™ so they can keep their marriages together and live powerful lives.

How it all works...

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"Nothing clicked in my head like the program at Bulletproof Husband™"

"I spent years and a ton of money on different kinds of therapy and coaching. While it served me to get back on my feet in the business world and as a father to 3 little kids nothing clicked in my head like the program at Bullet Proof Husband..Though the hard work I did on other programs helped wake me up a bit, the Bulletproof Husband™ has shown me the real way to behave and believe as a man and husband."

Stephan T.

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Compare the cost of therapy

If you do your research you will find that a really good marriage counselor or therapist will cost you about $150/hour.

If you're on a call with them 9 hours per week (like our program), that would be $5,805 per month.

TBH VIP Membership is $297 per month.

Do the math (HINT - SAVE $5,508.00), and that doesn't even cover the daily guidance, modules or community of men.

Is this right for you?

Membership is right for men who are:

Married and want to better their marriage

Separated and want to rebuild their marriage and move back together

Going through divorce process (filed already) and want to make the process as least hostile as possible (with potential bonus of not divorcing)

In a long-term committed relationship and want to step up their relationship or are preparing to get married

Divorced already and want to rebuild themselves for the future

It is NOT for men who:

Are not coachable

Think they know it all

Want a magic pill and instant change within days or weeks

Want a course on how to change their wife

Are unwilling to learn how to give up their anger and blame against their wife

Results in their own words

The value you'll be getting

Frequently Asked Questions

Are calls scheduled on a regular basis. If so, when are they?
Yes, they are Monday 8-11pm and Thursday 8-11pm Eastern Standard Time each week, and alternating Wednesday's and Sundays.
Can I use this to prepare for my next marriage/relationship?
Yes, absolutely!
Does this work even if my wife is checked out and convinced on leaving me?
It is designed for that specifically as that is the worst case scenario
Does this work if I am in a long-term committed relationship but not married?
Yes, exactly the same rules
Is TBH for me?
TBH is for you if you are a man who wants to rebuild his marriage/relationship with his spouse because he is facing challenges and/or is interested in bettering himself all the time
I think this might be "too basic" for me"
After becoming a member, other "accelerated" options become available if requested, but everybody has to be a member first to continue trust building and minimize risk for you (time and financially)

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